"Name":           "Noah Portes Chaikin",
  "Location":       "Brooklyn, NY",
  "Description":    "I'm a diverse, efficient, and exceptional full-stack software engineer
                     focused on excelling as a scientist, practitioner, and leader.",
  "Skills": [
    [ "Java", "Scala", "Objective-C", "Swift", "Groovy", "Ruby", "JavaScript", 
      "PHP", "Python", "C++" ],
    [ "MySQL", "Postgres", "Redis", "Elasticsearch", "MongoDB", "MemcacheDB" ],
    [ "Grails", "Ruby on Rails", "Sinatra" ],
    [ "React.js", "Redux", "Flux", "Backbone.js" ]
  "Experience": {
    "Shoptiques": {
      "Title":       "Software Engineer",
      "Dates":       "5/2015 — Present",
      "Description": "For over a year, I've been at Shoptiques, a YC e-commerce startup that 
                      aggregates some of the world's best boutiques, and have been a de-facto 
                      leader on a team that has grown from two to seven engineers. In my time
                      at Shoptiques, I've led, engineered, and delivered the company's most 
                      ambitious projects to date: our new, isomorphic mobile web app, v3 of our
                      customer API, and our de-coupled desktop client app. I've also led our
                      transition to a service-oriented architecture and wrote our first 
                      microservice, used to handle user authentication."
    "Carrot — a VICE company": {
      "Title":       "Software Developer",
      "Dates":       "3/2014 — 5/2015",
      "Description": "Previously, I was at Carrot, a digital agency owned by VICE. There, I worked 
                      with a small team to build native iOS experiences like VICE News of iOS, became 
                      the top contributor to Sprout, a project templating system, and wrote peak, a 
                      (maybe the only) Tumblr development and deployment platform."
    "King & Partners": {
      "Title":       "Software Developer",
      "Dates":       "9/2012 — 3/2014",
      "Description": "Prior to Carrot, I was at King & Partners, a digital agency focused on 
                      delivering e-commerce stores for luxury fashion brands, where I led a team 
                      of three engineers in the development of Sellect, a e-commerce platform, and 
                      developed experiences for brands like Victoria Beckham, 3.1. Phillip Lim, 
                      Monique Lhuillier, and more."

  "Open Source": {
    "Sprout":       "Project templating & skeletons",
    "Peak":         "Tumblr development framework",
    "Credible":     "Unopinionated validation for node and the browser."
  "www": {
    "GitHub":       "@nporteschaikin",
    "LinkedIn":     "nporteschaikin",
    "Instagram":    "@nporteschaikin"
  "Contact": {
    "email":        "noah@porteschaikin.com",
    "phone":        "+1 914 602 3480"